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M&A Advisory – The Truth

Introduction – The Problem, and the Opportunity, Owners and Boards

Middle market businesses and their shareholders, Boards and CEOs face the most turbulent times ever as well as the greatest opportunities in economic history. High caliber professional resources are required in order to take advantage of these opportunities, however, and all too often, this places leaders in a catch 22 position of not having sufficient capital, time, and energy to hire this talent on a full time basis along with the other competing needs of the business.


M&A transactions have become easier to contemplate due to vast available capital and debt sources and yet harder to bring to successful fruition due to the ever increasingly complexity in the business environment and the competing and conflicting interests between investors / buyers, sellers, and management.


The real deal in M&A is found by penetrating the smoke and mirrors of these competing interests and looking at both the growth and value aspects of the opportunity as well as a brutally realistic analysis of what resources will be required in order to realize above market returns and deliver value for all the shareholders in the required time-frame.


This allows taking advantage of M&A as the best path to realizing growth quickly, whether that growth is local, national, cross-border, international or global.

Solution – Consulting Advisory Board Services
An experienced, high caliber advisor who lives and breathes strategy, execution, and risk with years, if not decades, of experience in the C suite and in transactions who is empowered by these experiences to provide expert guidance and see through the vested interests.  In a world where all funds claim to outperform, and in reality where many inexperienced funds lack management experience and operational wisdom, the urgent need to acid test claims that obtaining greater value from a business is as simple as a leveraged buy-out and nothing more is necessary to avoid disappointment, if not complete disaster.  

Conclusion – Competitive Advantage for you
Given the high risk / high reward business and investment environments enjoyed today Boards must ensure they meet their fiduciary responsibility and take full advantage of current opportunities by having strong advisors with real world practical experience.  We can readily and efficiently assist you in this regard, now, so that you understand all the aspects of Due Diligence, Q of E, Q of A, Adjusted EBITDA and Adjusted Free Cash Flow etc. that set the stage for a successful transaction.

How we can help you
The time has come for you to step off the sidelines and take advantage of the opportunities for a deal; a defensive posture allowing your competitors to outmaneuver you and restructure your industry is extremely risky in this environment.


We work with you to develop clear goals and strategic timing and ensure you have the systematic plans, processes, and procedures to evaluate market opportunities:
•    M&A Strategy & Capability
•    Due Diligence
•    Merger Integration & Bolt-ons
•    Joint Ventures, Divestitures, Spin-offs and Carve-outs
•    Operations
•    Organization
•    Performance Improvement

M&A is no longer an If question but a When question and we guide you up the path to create value from it.  Maximum value is now most often obtained by a series of transactions to extract value from industry synergies, not just one deal, therefore advisors with the long term strategic view we provide are critical.

We also partner with you to manage the post-deal integration risk which is where most M&A efforts fail, often spectacularly.

International M&A opportunities should be taken advantage of and there are more every day.  We have years of expertise in global and international transactions with further specialization in Latin America.

Please contact us and let us begin the conversation:




“MMA” 中间市场咨询有限责任公司成立总部位于蓬勃发展达拉斯,旨在为从资助初创企业到跨国公司以及处于不同发展阶段的企业规模不等的企业提供专业的咨询支持。



MMA团队包括具有深入国际商业经验的专业人士 - 包括外籍人士和流利的多种语言(西班牙语,中文和葡萄牙语)。

MMA的创始人拥有4大 M&A咨询背景,并曾在私营公司担任首席财务官和首席财务官/首席运营官。这种咨询和行业经验的结合为MMA的方法和结果带来了完整的多维度和整体视角。此外,他还拥有纽约大学的金融,国际商务和信息技术MBA学位,并以注册会计师(CPA)开始了的职业生涯。



  • 中资公司成立申请,运行,解散

  • 承办L1签证及商业计划书

  • 商业及个人节税税务规划和报税

  • 上市公司财务报表准备及为中小型企业提供专业财务服务及中国企业财务托管

  • 各种C-level咨询服务

  • 联邦州地方税和工资税申报及影响

  • 公司并购投资& 上市尽职调查服务

  • 财务报表审阅,审计,编制 ( 协助公司中申请银行贷款,引资等)

  • 财务管理和战略咨询及人力资源补偿咨询等

  • 资产评估

  • 外国人士税号申请 ITIN

  • 海外资产收入申报

  • 个人税收申报及规划











An experienced, high caliber, CFO that saves you and your organization money; much more affordable that an employee serving as full-time CFO (immediate savings) who will control and reduce inefficiencies and costs (intermediate savings) as well as reduce risks (strategic savings).
Also much more affordable than having a Big 4 partner or team or  top tier management consulting firm – as well as more available, hands-on, and flexible for smaller and mid-sized companies.

Auditors are not managers nor executives.  Though their advice is invaluable they cannot take a management role, not even temporarily.  

A seasoned CFO who has been tempered by multiple real world challenges can very quickly step in as a financial leader as needed – whether for days or weeks per month or quarter. And the fractional CFO is available virtually as physical space is limited often at high growth companies and start-ups. 

Very often a fractional CFO is as affordable to a business as a full time Controller while providing strategic value that even a strong Controller cannot.  

A fractional CFO is your practical solution to the problems and risk posed by an incomplete, young, small, new, or otherwise challenged finance and accounting team.  This CFO provides financial stewardship as needed.

The fractional CFO also serves as an independent and objective member of senior management with no hidden nor old agendas providing a fresh clean view focused on results. A new financial leader demonstrates the highest level of professionalism as the standard for the department.  While aiding the CEO in providing clarity and practicality in the evaluation of existing plans and the evolution or development of needed policies, procedures & processes.

A very reasonable minimum monthly fee guarantees our clients we will have capacity for them, and that we are thinking on their behalf contiuously, not only when there is an obvious need.  So MMA takes the iniative to evaluate and advise on both strategic and ongoing iniatives.  Ultimately this high conceierge level service is the best for our clients as MMA is involved on an ongoing basis and provides the best expert advisory for their financial management, accounting, and / or M&A decision making.


Deep Experience in International Business

Having always been in the global arena, whether advising on cross-border M&A transactions, improving reporting and FP&A from foreign subsidiaries and investments, or obtaining greater ROI on international operations Middle Market Advisory has a passion for international business and the experience to accelerate results in the emerging and the developed markets.


A Love for Latin America

Middle Market Advisory loves doing business in Latin America and Latin culture.  Having extensive experience on the ground in LatAm as well as both Spanish and Portuguese capabilities MMA is a very pro-active resource for taking advantage of the opportunities in these countries.