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Tailored To You.

Virtual CFO

$37,500 per quarter

The unique perspective and skill set of a CFO are extremely valuable to any company, but for some, the salary of a seasoned CFO might be too extravagant. We offer a virtual alternative for all middle-market enterprises with international aspects. This includes day-to-day needs, bookkeeping, and tax services.

Tax Preparation and Monthly Accounting

$7,500 per month

Let us take care of your monthly accounting and tax preparations. We are equipped to handle general ledger mapping, bank account and balance sheet reconciliations, cash flow and balance sheets, marketing spending analysis, accounts receivable aging analysis, and monthly tax returns.

Personal and Business Accounting

$19,500 per month

For entrepreneurs and investors, we offer complete bookkeeping, accounting, tax, and financial reporting from the ground up, including weekly planning and review calls.

NewCo creation for foreign ParentCo

$150,000 one year engagement

We specialize in interactions between foreign companies. If you’re creating or acquiring a new company, we create tax and compliance efficient complete turn-key solutions. We also file initial corporate, tax, and accounting structure documents.

Ad-hoc Consulting and Advisory

$2,500 per day

Need a little business advice? Whether you’re looking for a quick consultation or something more long-term, MMA is ready to help. Our consultation service is flexible and customized to your individual needs.

M&A Target Assessment

Minimum of $12,500

We can conduct an initial assessment of any company you are looking to acquire. This assessment includes identifying potential targets, making contact with potential targets, and initiating conversations for more information. These conversations will gather the most recent information about the company and how amenable to a merger the company is.

M&A Due Diligence

Minimum of $27,500

We assist with the sales and acquisitions of businesses. We cover Quality of Earnings (Q of E), Quality of Assets (Q of A), EBITDA Bridge, EBITDA vs Free Cash Flow, Working Capital vs Profitability, and Evaluations of Enterprise Value.

Working Capital Evaluation

Minimum of $5,000

Many manufacturers and distributors have too much capital tied up and poorly utilized. We identify working capital errors in financial management. These errors can cause low ROI and hung-up cash. This evaluation includes the identification of errors and potential solutions.

Capital Funding Negotiation

Minimum of $5,000

Finding and negotiating funding can be difficult. Maximize the time spent on negotiating debt and equity funds by supplying partners with all the information they need. We directly prepare and present 1 Pagers to funding sources for our clients’ private funding negotiations.

Financial Report Management for Investor Pitches and Board Presentations

Minimum of $7,500

Arrive at your funding negotiations with financials that support your business case and loans. MMA organizes and cleans-up material misclassified in books. Financial statements, budgets, and forecasts are organized for presentation.

Insurance and Risk Evaluation

Minimum of $2,500

Many companies are overpaying for insurance, despite using a broker. MMA can put together a concise and easy-to-understand analysis of current corporate/business-coverage, including potential alternatives.

Mexican Income Tax (ISR) and VAT (IVA)

$350 per hour, $3,500 minimum

MMA is ready to handle your foreign taxes! We resolve pending tax filings and refunds for US and foreign entities in Mexico. Our lead advisor is fluent in business Spanish and we have an in-house CPA based in Mexico City.

Migrating Production (China to Mexico)

Minimum of $15,000 per month and 4-month engagement

Looking to supply out of Mexico and reduce China exposure? We identify and provide quality and competitive rates for sourcing options in Mexico, almost always with a very positive ROI.

Servicios de Consejero

$1,500 por mes

Nosotros le ayudaremos a monitorear  su información financiera para proveerle de una estrategia con opciones reales y adecuadas al mercado y su industria. También lo mantendremos al tanto de los nuevos acontecimientos de los incentivos y prestamos del gobierno y le asesoraremos para manejarlas. 

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