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Solving business problems

Our philosophy and approach and how in its uniqueness MMA LLC will serve you to solve business problems

What we do is actively guide you to solve or resolve your business problems and help you reach your business goals.  We are your sonar & radar, your Early Warning System, your infrared night vision, your laser sights.  We detect the fractures & frictions that are real but often hidden and cause leakages and fires.  We may serve you only as advisors, at the Board level or for your CEO, and we may also serve you in the trenches at a tactical level, directly working with, or as, your CFO and COO. 

We get you from the What to the How.

The most common criticism of consultants is that they identify the problems and then leave Management to fix them alone.  Often without solid recommendations or an explicit game plan.
This 1st step of diagnosis is absolutely critical.  This function performed by consultants is actually undervalued.  Too many project $, whether a CAPEX project, an ERP project etc. etc. are wasted because they are trying to solve the wrong problem.  If you only need corrective vision surgery on your right eye, and it’s performed on the left you, are worse off than having done nothing.  

BUT it is only the initial, preparatory stage before surgery and therefore essential.  And as consulting & advisory services have become ever more specialized, they have actually become less integrated and less holistic.

Having sweated blood as the actual CFO, COO and Controller before offering to serve you via Middle Market Advisory LLC, we have the actual combat experience of achieving results under extremely high pressure and against difficult odds.  We are problem solvers and trouble shooters.  Multidimensional, we bring a breath of fresh air and a bright ray of light to evaluating business challenges from a brutally realistic yet positive and opportunistic perspective.

We prefer not to be thought of as industry experts, but as business experts who have experience and have done complex project management in a great multitude of industries.  This mental acuity allows us to apply critical thinking from decades of experience to your challenges.  In addition having experience from Big 4 advisory we have been trained in how to quickly and efficiently identify the drivers and KPIs of any business.  

Many times it is extremely beneficial to bring in a new vision & perspective i.e. professionals from outside the industry (hence the evolution to Boards of diverse experience and backgrounds).  We drive results realizing value while being industry agnostic because we are focused on the middle market.  The profiles and commonalties of middle market businesses often lead to similar challenges and opportunities.

We love this work and have a passion for contributing to higher business performance.
So you may say that we are “business management consultants” more than “project CFOs”.  Certainly, we do both as in the 21st century they often overlap.  Semantics aside our unique approach is this hybridization of consulting / advisory work & corporate C level work that defines our practice. 

We choose the word “work” explicitly because it is not only providing high level strategic advice but also providing the month to month tactical guidance needed including, when requested, the execution of the plan.  “Rolling up your sleeves” and “getting your hands dirty” are buzzwords again.  Yet how many consultants, advisors, or C level executives have really done so?  Being from and dedicated to the middle market we understand the reality that the highest ROIs are often realized when the degree and level of involvement of high caliber talent is invested in a “hands on” manner though it is still counter-intuitive to some.

Large consulting firms will assign a group of junior staff to you who have to be paid while they learn and often slow down the process as they do so.  And it’s no secret the partner will only be available to sell you and then at the end yet has to charge you for the time spent teaching them.  The large firms are structured to be efficient in serving the Fortune 500 and global MNCs…and not in serving the middle market.

Our Lead Partner, subject matter expert in the middle market with more than 30 years of experience, MBA & CPA, is directly involved throughout every engagement.  

Our multifaceted approach considers your business at a multidimensional level, not only the financial statements.  The intersections of your people & processes, for example IT / ERP – Finance & Accounting – Human Capital / Human Resources is often an area for opportunity.  Your business may be as simple as a cube or as complex as a fully and brilliantly cut diamond.  Or a diamond in the rough that we may help you perfect.

To become an Operationally Cognizant Consulting CFO one must have deep experience in the modern expertise required in the role.  Not only the fundamental management of finance, audits, compliance, tax and FP&A but also heavy doses of IT and HR and also an understanding of the interconnectedness and intertwining of those functions with Operations and Administration.

We are your independent & objective eyes & ears evaluating how to surmount the financial & operational obstacles that ultimately cause Cash Flow problems which in turn directly cause problems for the owners, shareholders, and partners of the business.

We are happy to serve you on an fractional or simple project basis and even happier to serve you on those monster opportunities and challenges when you’re losing sleep over the questions “What is this and who – what kind of professional – can explain it to us simply and then help us make it happen?”

Let’s have a short conversation and talk about what excites you and what frustrates you in your business.
There is no hard sell, we are always happy to learn how we may serve smart and interesting leaders in the middle market.

Please contact us at

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