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Financial and M&A Leadership

Based in booming Dallas, Texas, Middle Market Advisory LLC (MMA) is dedicated to providing specialized consulting support for mid-sized family-owned companies and small entrepreneurial businesses with international clients or operations.  Our expertise includes helping 1st generation companies coming to the US as well as those expanding abroad from here. Our diverse team has decades of international business experience that we apply when working with you. We like it complicated at MMA. We like a challenge. No matter how complicated your scenario, we are excited to help you find the best solution.

Virtual CFO

For middle-market enterprises looking to take advantage of the experiences, skill set, and strategic perspective of an experienced CFO in the most affordable manner we offer virtual CFO services.

International Tax Strategy

International taxes are by definition extremely complicated. There are many rules and regulations to keep track of when filing and complying with international tax codes. MMA is well versed in this continuously changing landscape of regulation. Let us assist you optimize your taxes so your business can stay ahead of the game; we have a dedicated international tax attorney and accountant on
our team.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Buying and selling businesses is not a simple process. MMA is equipped to help you locate potential acquisition targets, assess target companies you have already identified, prepare your company for sale, and complete analysis for mergers or acquisitions.

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