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9 ways for you get more done - and faster - in QuickBooks Online

Hello, hope you're weathering the Covid crisis well.

Many buisness owners using QuickBooks don’t know about the work that QuickBooks Online / QBO does better and faster than QuickBooks Desktop using features included in QBO that are not available in Desktop.

Here are 9 ways you get more done faster in QB Online:

Invoice/Sales Receipt Automation – Desktop invoices must be sent to the customer manually. QBO can be set up to email them automatically to the customer, and the QBO user/owner can be copied on each one.

Your customers sign the credit card authorization form, a Sales Receipt is created, the card is charged, and both are sent a copy.

No Need to Transfer Data or Share Computer Time – Because you can access your QBO data anywhere there’s no need to transfer backup files, Accountant Copy files, or try to arrange to login to a desktop or laptop computer. You can work whenever you need to, with always on, anywhere access.

Always Has the Latest Version –With new releases every 4 weeks, QBO users always have the latest and greatest. You don’t have to scramble to reinstall a version of QuickBooks Pro 2007.

Delayed customer charges/billing – Desktop has unbilled time and expenses, but the user still has to manually go in and bill the customer for them. In QBO, you can turn on a preference to tell the program to do this automatically, any time activity is assigned on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

QBO can remind the user to do it, or it can automatically create an invoice for the unbilled time and expenses, depending on your preference.

Activity Log –Audit Trail, which tells when a transaction was created, modified or deleted. QBO does this better. The activity log shows when a user logs in, logs out, edits a customer, vendor, item or account. It also shows when a third-party add-on accesses the data, when bank transactions are downloaded, and when those transactions are matched or added to registered.

Use this to track time and to prevent employee fraud.

Automatic email reporting –Memorize a report in QBO, add it to a group, and then set that group of reports to be emailed to yourself or your team on a regular basis.

For example, you can send your financials each month without ever actually logging into QBO. The best part is that the email “from address” is the user that set it up.

Bank transactions automatically downloaded nightly – In Desktop, the process of downloading bank transactions into QuickBooks must be initiated manually, and requires the password. In QBO, you can set up the connection, and QBO goes out each night and automatically pulls in the transactions.

There is no need to manually enter with the username or the password any longer.

QBO has Class AND Location tracking – Desktop has class tracking, the ability to track different profit centers, but QBO adds one more layer with Location tracking.

For example, if you have a car services business with 2 locations in Plano, one in Dallas and one in Frisco you are enabled to track each business by location as well as by customer comparing government to walk-in customers for example.

Use Location tracking for each shop / store location and Class tracking for the customer type.

Multiple AR/AP lines in Journal Entries – QBO provides greater detail and control.

QBO just speaks for itself.

Please share with us your experiences, and let us know how we may assist you in migrating to QBO, or taking greater advantage of the QBO you are already investing in.

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