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M&A – The Truth

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

The M&A Puzzle - from FreePik

The Challenge - and the Opportunity - Founders, Owners, and Boards Face in order to leverage Mergers & Acquisitions

Middle market businesses and their founders, owners, shareholders, Boards and CEOs face the most turbulent times ever as well as the greatest opportunities in economic history.

M&A transactions have become easier to contemplate due to vast available capital and debt financing sources yet harder to bring to successful fruition due to an ever increasingly complex environment, and competing / conflicting interests between investors, buyers, sellers, and management.

The real deal in M&A, which is often counter-intuitive, is found by penetrating the smoke and mirrors of the competing interests and evaluating both the growth and value aspects of the opportunity as well as a brutally realistic analysis of what resources will be required in order to realize above market returns and deliver value in the required timeframe. This allows taking advantage of M&A as the best path to realizing growth quickly, whether that growth is local, national, cross-border, international or global.

In a world where all investors and funds claim to outperform, and in reality where many of them are inexperienced and lack management experience and operational wisdom, the urgent need to acid test claims that obtaining greater value from a business is as simple as a leveraged buy-out and nothing more is necessary to avoid disappointment, if not complete disaster.

Increase the Odds of Success in M&A

M&A is no longer an “If” question but a “When” question. To take advantage of the opportunities in the current deal environment the time is now; a defensive posture allowing your competitors to outmaneuver you and restructure your industry is the road to failure and making a strategic move before a recession and before interest rates rise is critical.

Maximum value may be obtained by a series of transactions to extract value from industry synergies, not just one deal, therefore advisors with the long-term strategic view are critical.

How MMA can help you

Given the high risk / high reward business and investment environments enjoyed today Boards must ensure they meet their fiduciary responsibility and take full advantage of current opportunities by having strong advisors with real world practical experience. High caliber professional resources are required in order to take advantage of these opportunities. The need for experienced, high caliber advisors who live and breathe strategy, execution, and risk management with years, if not decades, of experience both in the C-suite and in transactions who is empowered by these experiences to provide expert guidance and see through the vested interests is a requirement for a deal to be successful.

We can readily and efficiently assist you in this regard, now, so that you understand all the aspects of a potential M&A deal: preparing the initial valuation and marketing materials, Due Diligence, Q of E, Q of A, Adjusted EBITDA, Adjusted Free Cash Flow, approaching potential buyers / sellers, negotiating the best terms of the deal, identifying and choosing a financial sponsor, structuring the transaction, etc. that set the stage for a successful transaction.

Middle Market Advisory LLC works with you to develop clear goals and strategic timing to ensure you have the systematic plans, processes, and procedures to evaluate market opportunities. And we guide you through the maze of options and requirements to create value from it.

· M&A Strategy & Capability

· Due Diligence

· Merger Integration

· Joint Ventures, Divestitures, Spin-offs, Carve-outs and Bolt-ons

· Operations & Organization

· Performance Improvement

We also lead the post-deal integration, the high-risk stage which is where most M&A efforts fail, often spectacularly.

International M&A opportunities should also be considered and there are more every day.

Please contact us and let us begin the conversation:

(469) 403 4944

Andrew Barker MBA CPA

Middle Market Advisory LLC

Dallas, TX 75240

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