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Webinars to arm business owners & executives - MMA LLC 2023

Hello, we are organizing a series of lunch time webinars to educate & advise on practical business & tax issues.

This month will highlight the tax credit most often referred to as the “ERC” – the Employee Retention Credit joined by Emilio Garcia of .

Next month MMA LLC will partner with ADP to highlight another opportunity to save money – R&D tax credits.

In April, along with the specialists at Regions Bank we will explore how to reduce the cost of international business by best practices in FX / foreign exchange management.

In May MMA LLC will present, in both Spanish and English, an update on the latest Mexican tax rules for cross border businesses.

And in June we will have a half day seminar on best practices for selling in the US for LatAm and other international companies wanting to penetrate the US market successfully. The results driven sales process has 3 area with 6 steps that insure relatable results by Smart Persistence Sales.

More details to follow soon!

Best regards,

Andrew Barker MBA CPA

Middle Market Advisory LLC

(469) 403-4944

Financial and M&A Leadership

M&A Advisory – Consulting CFO – International Tax

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