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Don’t Give Up

The economic environment is brutal now and will be extremely difficult for the foreseeable future. But you already know that.

This makes it easier to start a conversation about restructuring or refinancing your business. Many companies were overdue to take a serious look at their balance sheets and working capital but were riding the wave of incredibly low interest rates and easy access to loans and credit.

The opportunity now is to have an open conversation with those lenders and investors who specialize in more complex situations and want to help companies with negative EBITDA, too much short-term debt, aging Accounts Receivable, etc. to stabilize and maintain their business with a more effective debt structure.

Some rare companies are having their best year ever, so if this is you, congratulations. These companies also need to plan how they will finance that growth and avoid getting caught in the textbook working capital crunch.

Too many are mistaking politeness with interest. If potential lenders are not getting back to you quickly it is often because your financials are, quite frankly, inadequate.

We can help you by taking an independent critical look at your financials and recommend improvements to them so that when you speak with banks, lenders, and funds they immediately comprehend that you are ready to have a serious financial conversation. We are also available to lead that conversation with them.

We stand ready to help you in this difficult year, email us to set up a brief 15-minute call to help orient you so that you can better navigate these trying times.

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